UPDATE: Depth Gauge is no longer available. Check out Gas Manager on the App Store.

Air Depth and Depth Gauge 1.0.1 have finally gone live on the App Store. The biggest change is that both now share a lot of code (in preparation for Depth Gauge 1.1), however the visible changes are:

  1. The Nitrogen slider’s visibility is controlled by a new setting: “Show Nitrogen %”.
  2. New gas icons replace the labels to the left of each slider.
  3. Localización española.

Depth Gauge 1.1 is almost ready for publishing. I’m just waiting on one last piece of localised text and for the resurrection of my MackBook Pro. The big change for 1.1 is the inclusion of Air Depth, allowing you to use both tools from the one application. The free version of Air Depth will of course still exist and could be considered a lite version of Depth Gauge.

Ryan Booker @ryanbooker