A difference in perspective

Recently, Erica Sadun wrote about inconsistencies in Swift’s function-like constructs, such as KeyPath and method references—a post that appears lost in the apocalypse befalling her site. Erica pointed out that method references return (A) -> () -> B functions that aren’t directly useable by higher order functions like map, which takes an (A) -> B function. // Basic example [“a”, “b”].map { “a”.uppercased() } […]

How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

Recently, Brandon Williams posted Algebraic Structure and Protocols, a great article describing and building semigroups, monoids and groups using Swift protocols. It’s an interesting article and I encourage you to read it (and his other articles). In fact, I’ll wait while you do… As with most such articles there are some simple examples, however I find the leap from ok, I see what that […]