How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

Recently, Brandon Williams posted Algebraic Structure and Protocols, a great article describing and building semigroups, monoids and groups using Swift protocols. It’s an interesting article and I encourage you to read it (and his other articles). In fact, I’ll wait while you do… As with most such articles there are some simple examples, however I find the leap from ok, I see what that […]

Get Dropbox

Just a quick note, I’ve been using a great little app called Dropbox to sync documents etc between multiple computers. It’s seamless and works on all major platforms. If you sign up with this link we’ll both get extra free space.

WARNING: MacFUSE, Disk for iPhone

UPDATE: I have my MBP back and working. The Logic Board was fried. I suspect this was a remarkable coincidence and I have since started using Disk for iPhone again. It is working perfectly. However, I can’t claim with any degree of certainty whether or not it had anything to do with my MBP’s sudden demise. A friendly warning. I wanted something to mount […]