We had a great dive this morning. Down to 80m to check an ancient ram that’s been sitting on the sea floor since the battle on 10 March 241 BC.

Home for the next couple of weeks, while we document the Battle of Egadi site off Favignana.

We had our final dive in Capistello Bay this morning, finishing some survey measurements. Now we’re all packed for Favignana tomorrow.

Beautiful weather and calm seas for a few dives surveying the Capistello Bay wreck. We cleaned up some points and added a couple of ancient Roman anchors to the survey.

Over the last few years, I’ve been part of a marine archaeology project in Sicily, for GUE and the Soprentendenza del Mare. While we prepare for this season’s expedition, Chicco, the project lead is opening an exhibition to make the InAccessible accessible. Enjoy. I sure do.

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A quick update from GUE president Jarrod Jablonski, including a great chat with Richard Lundgren regarding our new CCR1 and CCR2 programs.

Recently, GUE released a great new blog for all things diving. Check it out! A good place to start is a 20 year retrospective from GUE king pin Jarrod Jablonski.