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Under Pressure, the new book from Gareth Lock and The Human Diver, is available for preorder. Please check it out (and his Human Factors Skills in Diving courses). As an added bonus, I contributed in small part to the book.

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The Data61 FP Course is great. Tony Morris et al., have done a great job producing a fundamental course. Here’s a video series of Brian McKenna delivering the material.

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Recently, GUE released a great new blog for all things diving. Check it out! A good place to start is a 20 year retrospective from GUE king pin Jarrod Jablonski.

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Why lie about remaining air supply? An interesting anecdote and discussion of the effect of fixed vs growth mindsets on learning.

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Congratulations to new GUE diver, Gordon Tan, who passed GUE Fundamentals at Perth Scuba, Western Australia. We had a great time in the west, overcoming some challenging conditions for a successful course.