Home for the next couple of weeks, while we document the Battle of Egadi site off Favignana.

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We had our final dive in Capistello Bay this morning, finishing some survey measurements. Now we’re all packed for Favignana tomorrow.

Beautiful weather and calm seas for a few dives surveying the Capistello Bay wreck. We cleaned up some points and added a couple of ancient Roman anchors to the survey.

On my way back to Lipari and Favignana to dive Capistello Bay and The Battle of Egadi site for GUE and the Soprintendenza del Mare of Sicily.

Error: Multiple commands produce…, Cocoapods & Multi Platform Podfiles

TL;DR: Remove use_frameworks! from your Podfile.

If you’ve arrived here you probably have a Podfile that includes multiple targets for multiple platforms that share some pods, while using the new Xcode build system.

And you’re almost certainly ready to burn everything to the ground.

Thankfully, I already did that, and out of the ashes a solution emerged, resplendent and angry.

There are a couple of issues:

  1. Xcode is non deterministic with respect to this issue, and will randomly decide whether there is an issue to worry about at all. This is fucking infuriating.

  2. The new build system (randomly, see 1!) doesn’t like duplicate things, whereas the legacy build system didn’t care.

    When Swift was introduced, it didn’t support static libraries, so we all dutifully added use_frameworks! to our Podfiles. When you have multiple platforms sharing pods, you will have multiple copies of the pod source in your Pods/Target Support Files/ folder, and Xcode will get its knickers in a bunch. Sometimes.

    Swift now supports static libraries.

    Remove use_frameworks! and everything will work.

Peter Mayhew helped define my life, growing up. Even as an adult I’ve never once looked at Chewie and thought: “That’s a dude in a suit”. Not once.

R.I.P. Chewie.

Over the last few years, I’ve been part of a marine archaeology project in Sicily, for GUE and the Soprentendenza del Mare.

While we prepare for this season’s expedition, Chicco, the project lead is opening an exhibition to make the InAccessible accessible.

Enjoy. I sure do.