Where does your diving take you?

In 2016, I joined the Lipari Acheo Project for Global Underwater Explorers and the Soprintendenza del Mare of Sicily, cataloguing and mapping the “Capistello Bay” wreck, a greek cargo ship from around 300 BC.

An amazing experience. I’m excited to rejoin the project this week.

How should I frame this? Selecting better video frames for photogrammetry

Selecting better frames

Sometimes my spheres of interest overlap.

Meeting Matt Carter at OzTek a couple of years ago, and working with Pim Bongaerts on mesophotic.org introduced me to photogrammetry, and over the past few weeks I’ve been processing some models using 4K video.

Selecting useable still frames is tedious at best: manual selection is a non starter, and basic selection with ffmpeg often produces blurred frames.

I solved this with framer.sh, a script for selecting better frames.

Feel free to use and improve it. Pull requests accepted.

Gas Manager

I’ve finally released my new gas management program for iPhone & iPod touch. Gas Manager helps you choose and blend custom gas mixes for diving. It includes partial pressure blending (with fudge factors), top off and best mix, as well as MOD, END and EAD calculations.

Check it out!