Autotest Your Rails Apps

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UPDATE: I’ve noticed that autotest seems to require complete restarts for similar reasons to the rails server. If you don’t restart it, it will report a slew of false errors. Do this: $ sudo gem install ZenTest autotest-rails autotest-fsevent autotest-growl redgreen Edit ~/.autotest (create it if it doesn’t exist) and add the following: require ‘autotest/fsevent’ require ‘autotest/growl’ require ‘redgreen/autotest’ If you want autotest to […]

Tar2RubyScript, RubyScript2Exe and wxRuby

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Recently, I needed to write a quick proof of concept Windows app. Not wanting to install Windows on my Mac or work on the POS Windows box over there (points to shitty box), I went in search of a way to write Windows apps on OS X. I found Tar2RubyScript, RubyScript2Exe and wxRuby which let me use Ruby, any gems I needed and creates […]

On App Store Pricing and Developer Payments

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UPDATE: A reply from Apple I had a rather long and messy discussion with Garret Murray on twitter today, after he expressed some concerns regarding apparent discrepancies in App Store developer payments. I think the confusion can be put down to two issues: Apple is less than transparent There is a minor misunderstanding with regard to sales taxes On Transparency The only official word […]

Busy Bee

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Things are busy here at the moment. Firstly, I have a new scuba diving app in progress for iPhone OS. With the back end work done and wrapped in a nice set of unit tests, I’m finishing off the interface, which requires a lot more thought than either Air Depth or Depth Gauge. Secondly, I’m working on a large rails app for a friend’s […]

Depth Gauge Now With More Air Depth

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UPDATE: Air Depth and Depth Gauge are no longer available. Check out Gas Manager on the App Store. I’ve submitted a new version of Depth Gauge to the App Store. Other than being recompiled for OS 2.x backward compatibility, this update brings an enhanced version of Air Depth EAD calculator. The Depth slider’s range is now tied to the MOD of the gas. Version […]

Backward Compatibility

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UPDATE: Air Depth and Depth Gauge are no longer available. Check out Gas Manager on the App Store. A little research by Arstechnica revealed that a significant portion of the iPhone community—around 45%—have not yet upgraded to iPhone OS 2.2.1. In light of that, the next release of both Air Depth and Depth Gauge will be compatible with all versions of iPhone OS 2.x.

Get Dropbox

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Just a quick note, I’ve been using a great little app called Dropbox to sync documents etc between multiple computers. It’s seamless and works on all major platforms. If you sign up with this link we’ll both get extra free space.


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UPDATE: Depth Gauge is no longer available. Check out Gas Manager on the App Store. Air Depth and Depth Gauge 1.0.1 have finally gone live on the App Store. The biggest change is that both now share a lot of code (in preparation for Depth Gauge 1.1), however the visible changes are: The Nitrogen slider’s visibility is controlled by a new setting: “Show Nitrogen […]

WARNING: MacFUSE, Disk for iPhone

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UPDATE: I have my MBP back and working. The Logic Board was fried. I suspect this was a remarkable coincidence and I have since started using Disk for iPhone again. It is working perfectly. However, I can’t claim with any degree of certainty whether or not it had anything to do with my MBP’s sudden demise. A friendly warning. I wanted something to mount […]